We make little videos to
explain your big ideas.

Engage your customers. 

Energize your brand.

Empower your team. 

Where Does It Hurt?


Whatever isn't working the way you'd like it to work is causing you business pain. Most likely, your pain is related to marketing or training. For some reason, your Big Idea is not being heard, understood, and remembered. 

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Fresh Eyes


We help you reimagine your Big Idea so it is simple and irresistible. Getting the message right is half the battle. The other half is choosing the right way to deliver the message.

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Everybody Loves Video


Video is the overwhelming choice today for information and entertainment. But video can fail miserably as a messaging tool if brain science and user habits are not taken into account. Our little videos are expertly designed to help you explain your Big Idea so it engages, energizes, and empowers your audience.

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More Detail on Little Videos (pdf)


Strategy: Engage Your Customers


Regularly publishing content that is useful and relevant is a great way to share your Big Idea and win new customers. Little videos can serve as the backbone of your content marketing program. Customers will begin looking forward to hearing from you instead of dreading it.   

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Strategy: Energize your Brand


Your Big Idea is the secret weapon that allows a customer to emerge victorious when doing battle with a villain. This is the rationale behind story marketing. With little videos, you present your brand story in installments to maintain engagement and heighten anticipation.   

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Strategy: Empower Your Team


Employees and dealers also need to get your Big Idea, which is where training comes in. Our little videos employ the principles of microlearning to increase buyin and achieve specific learning objectives. Alone or as part of a learning management system, little videos fit how people want to learn.

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What Customers Say


"They take the initiative ..."

They take the initiative to propose ideas rather than waiting for ADM to tell them what we want.  Sheldon Bailey, Archer Daniels Midland

"Our sales team went nuts ..."

Partnering with Rick and his team is one of the BEST things we have done in a long time! Our sales team went nuts.  Martha Lefebvre, The Farnam Companies   

"... a distilled piece that nailed it for us."

They delivered a distilled piece that nailed it for us. So worthy of watching...everybody loves it! Letitia Glenn, Natural Horseman Saddles  

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About Rick Lamb, Ph.D.

Rick Lamb, Ph.D.

I'm a writer, educator, and media producer with deep training and experience. My mission is to help companies ease their business pain with little videos that explain big ideas.

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