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What is Your Pain Point?

Whatever isn't working the way you'd like it to work is causing you business pain. Most likely, your pain is related to communication. For some reason, your big idea is not being heard, understood, and remembered.

Hear. Understand. Remember.

Your big idea must reach the intended audience, convey value instantly, and stick in their brains. Constructing the message correctly is half the battle. The other half is choosing the right vehicle for delivering it.

Everybody Loves Video

Video is the overwhelming choice today for information and entertainment. But video can fail miserably as a messaging tool if brain science and user habits are not taken into account. Our little videos are expertly designed to help you explain your big ideas so people will hear, understand, and remember. 

Case Study: Demystifying a Robot

When K-zell Metals invested in a state-of-the-art robotic welding system, they were instantly miles ahead of the competition. Their pain point was explaining it in layman's terms. We helped them do it with a 73-second video.

Case Study: Explaining Jargon

Dealers for ADM Animal Nutrition didn't understand the jargon horse owners use. We helped ADM attack the pain using two-minute, unscripted discussions with a subject matter expert. Terms, concepts, and products were highlighted.

Case Study: Sharing Information

The Farnam Companies wanted to offer customers useful advice coupled with product information where appropriate. We helped them do it by creating the one-minute FASTip. It became the go-to format for content marketing and product rollouts.

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I'm a writer, educator, and media producer with deep training and experience. My mission is to help companies ease their business pain. 

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