what is the little video?


The Little Video is a powerful marketing and training tool in today's attention economy. 

It engages the viewer quickly and delivers useful content that is easy to remember.

Short and mobile-friendly, the Little Video has many different faces.


A series of research reports is a great vehicle for content marketing.

A whiteboard animation is an effective way to explain a complex subject.

A brand ambassador profile applies the proven principles of story marketing.

A fast tip is perfect for demonstrating a procedure or product.

Internal training that features employees and dealers is more palatable than other approaches.

A trade show loop works in an environment filled with distractions.

Product detail presented in a no-frills manner works nicely in a digital catalog. 

A video shelf talker provides product detail at point of purchase to help customers make buying decisions. 

A micro ad for use on Facebook can leverage a distinctive look and simple message.  

A micro ad can also incorporate a provocative headline that promises value.

Little Videos employ current research in learning, marketing, and technology usage to deliver messages of all kinds.

MEET Rick Lamb, Ph.D.

Rick Lamb, Ph.D.

Rick Lamb is a writer and producer with 40+ years of media production experience. He holds four academic degrees and is an acknowledged expert in multimedia learning.  

Rick fine-tuned the Little Video model during an 11-year stint on television as host and producer of The Horse Show with Rick Lamb. See Legacy Media below.

Rick can be a valuable asset in your messaging efforts, from brainstorming the approach to executing the plan. Contact him directly for a free consultation: or 602-677-8841.

What Customers Say about Rick and his team


They take the initiative to propose ideas rather than waiting for ADM to tell them what we want.  

Sheldon Bailey, Archer Daniels Midland

Partnering with Rick and his team is one of the BEST things we have done in a long time. Our sales team went nuts. 

Martha Lefebvre, The Farnam Companies

They delivered a distilled piece that nailed it for us. So worthy of watching...everybody loves it! 

Letitia Glenn, Natural Horseman Saddles  

Legacy Media - The Horse Show on TV and Radio

The Horse Show is available to radio stations. Download the pdf to learn more.

Detail on Airing The Horse Show (pdf)


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